(1)About personal effects property and clothe ;
Please have your child take a bath, and dress a clean underwear
on the day before the Vaccination. Also, please let your child
wear cloths easy to put on and take off.
Please fill up and bring BCG questionnaire. Also please make sure
to bring the Maternal and the Child Health Handbook. If you forget
the Handbook, vaccination of your child will not be made. For
prevention of vaccination errors, we must confirm the historical
vaccination record your child by the Handbook.
④ Please keep your personal effects,valuables etc., attached to
your body.
⑤ For parent and guardians, please avoid shoes like high heels,
boots, sandals, etc. as much as possible.
(2) About medical questionnaire;
Parent or a guardian must fill out the medical questionnaire on
their responsibility. If any special matters exist related to
health conditions of your child. please describe them in the
medical questionnaire.
Also, please paste the vaccination number seal.
Please fill in the name of the person, who brought the child on
that day to the hall,in the parent or guardian's signature column
on the right-hand bottom.
As the body temperature is measured in the hall before medical
check, please do not fill in.
In the vaccination, the guardian (Namely, father or mother) must
accompany their child. When the guardian cannot accompany them,
by any reason, their representative must carry a power of
When a serious health hazard is generated by the predetermined
vaccinations, health hazards caused by vaccinations are to be
compensated under the Vaccination Health Hazard Law. The
recognition procedure will be applied by Chiba City to the
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare via Chiba Prefecture.
About The Vaccination Health Injury Relief System
Preparation for BCG vaccination