HPV (human papilloma virus) - an infectious disease
Among many carcinogenic HPV, HPV vaccination prevents infection of carcinogenic HPV type16 and
HPV type18, which are often found in cervical cancers.
However, as HPV vaccination cannot prevent all types of carcinogenic HPV, when you reach 20 years
old, you are required to start periodical cervical cancer checks.
Explanation of the disease
It is said that infection of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is the cause of cervical cancer. In many cases,
the carcinogenesis risk of cervical cancer by HPV is transient. However, it will become higher if you are
infected be HPV for a long time. Cervical cancer is a cancer that occurs at the entrance of womb
called cervix. It is reported that incidence rate of females in 20's and 30's is increasing. Major cause of
the infection is sexual intercourse.
Sub reactions
(1) Major sub-reactions
Major sub-reactions are pain, itchiness, reddishness, swelling, etc., around injected area, stomach and
intestines symptoms, muscular pains, joint pains, etc... Occasionally, slight fever, malaise, eruptions
may occur. As there is a possibility that you might lose consciousness due to vein vagal reflex, please
take a rest for 30 minutes in the place after inoculation.
(2) Serious Sub-reactions
Rarely, serious sub-reactions like anaphylactic symptoms such as angioedema, rash, difficulty in
breathing etc., Guillain-Barre syndrome, Thrombocytopenic purpura, acute disseminated
encephalomyelitis may occur.
People who cannot be inoculated
Those who have fever apparently.
Those who are by serious acute diseases.
Those who became anaphylaxis by the contents of liquid of the vaccination to be inoculated
Pregnant women.
Those who are judged by the doctor that inoculation of the vaccine is inappropriate.
People who need to consult with the doctor before inoculation
Those who have diseases like cardiovascular system disease, kidney disease, affection of the
liver, Hematological disorder the basic growth disturbances.
Those who experienced allergy like reactions such as high fevers, whole body eruptions. etc.
Those who might have allergic reactions to the contents of the vaccine.
Those who had convulsion.
Those who had been diagnosed as immune deficient and these who have a close relative who is
immune deficient
General notes after inoculation
As there are possibilities of serious sub-reactions like anaphylactic symptoms, unconsciousness
due to might happen within 30 minutes after vaccination, please wait for a while at the place or to
make sure to get in contact with the doctor.
In case of inactivated vaccine, please be careful about sub-reactions for a week.
Please keep the inoculated area clean. It is Ok to take a bath.
Pleas avoid vigorous motion on the day of inoculation.
About Health Injury Relief System:
If you have symptoms like heavy swelling of the inoculated area, high fever, convulsion, etc., please
get examined by your family doctor and contact Infection Prevention Section. There might be a
possibility that your case might be recognized by Health Injury Relief System under The Preventive
Vaccination Law.