Japanese encephalitis
Explanation of the disease
Infection of the Japanese encephalitis is not direct from human beings. The virus is transferred by common
mosquito to pigs and is increased inside pig’s body. It will then be transferred back to human beings.
Incubation time is7 to 10days. It is an acute encephalitis to cause high fever, headaches, vomiting, impaired
Mortality rate and the rate of secondary diseases are high. There are people with after effects of neurological
People who cannot be inoculated
Those who have fever(over 37.5) apparently.
Those who are apparently caught by serious acute diseases.
Those who became anaphylaxis by the contents of liquid of the vaccination to be inoculated
Those who are judged by the home doctor that inoculation of the vaccine is inappropriate.
Children who need to be careful about inoculation of vaccine
Those who have diseases like cardiovascular system disease, kidney disease, blood disease
the basic growth disturbances, on which they have been treated by doctors.
Those who experienced allergy like reactions such as high fevers, whole body eruptions. etc.
within 2 days after inoculation.
Those who might have allergic reactions to the contents of the vaccine.
Those who had convulsion.
Those who had been diagnosed as immune deficient and those who have a close relative who is
immune deficient
Those who are in good conditions, while diseases like measles, rubella, mumps, and chicken
poxes, are spread among family members, play mates, class mates etc.
General notes after inoculation
Please stay at the medical institute and watch the condition of your child for 30 minutes after
inoculation, or make sure of communication method with your family doctor because there are
possibilities of serious sub-reactions may happen.
In case of inactivated vaccine, please be careful about sub-reactions for a week.
Please keep the inoculated area clean. It is Ok to take a bath., but refrain from rubbing the
inoculated area
Pleas avoid vigorous motion on the day of inoculation.
If you notice abnormal reactions, change of body conditions, please get examined your family
About Health Injury Relief System:
If you have symptoms like heavy swelling of the inoculated area, high fever, convulsion, etc., please
get examined by your family doctor and contact Infection Prevention Section. There might be a
possibility that your case might be recognized by Health Injury Relief System under The Preventive
Vaccination Law.