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2021.07.26 childbirthThorough explanation of the cost of childbirth! Introducing the cost market and subsidies

Money is a concern for moms who have a new life for the first time. In particular, there are many cases where we are concerned about how much the cost of childbirth is.

“How much money should I prepare before giving birth?”
“I’m financially distressed, but can’t I get assistance from the government?”

In this article, I will answer the question of moms who have such anxiety. Not only those who are about to give birth, but also those who want to have a baby in the future should refer to it.

What is childbirth cost?

Childbirth costs generally refer to the cost of delivery and the cost of hospitalization associated with delivery. However, in reality, it costs a lot of money besides the cost of childbirth.

● Examples of costs related to childbirth

  • Pregnant woman examination cost
  • Maternity goods
  • Hospitalization preparations
  • Delivery and hospitalization costs
  • Baby goods

This time, I will also introduce the overall cost of childbirth.

What is the market price for childbirth costs?

The cost of giving birth is different for each person. Among them, I will introduce the average cost market based on statistics and the rough cost based on the voice of senior moms.

Pregnant woman examination cost

Pregnancy screening is necessary for babies and moms to have a healthy time to childbirth. The cost of the examination depends on the medical institution and midwifery hospital.

It is said that a pregnant woman’s examination costs around 100,000 yen for 14 examinations, which is the standard number of examinations. However, if you have health insurance, your mom does not have to bear all of this, and you can rest assured that you will be able to subsidize part of the medical examination costs at public expense.

We’ll talk more about helping pregnant women later in the article.

Delivery / hospitalization costs

The cost of giving birth is the cost of giving birth to the baby and then staying in the hospital.
According to a survey by the National Health Insurance Central Association, a public interest corporationThe average childbirth cost for natural childbirth is 505,759 yen.The detailed breakdown is as follows.

Breakdown of childbirth costs in the case of natural childbirth (* 1)

itemdetailAverage value
Length of hospital stayDays from postpartum to discharge6 days
Hospitalization feeIncludes room, bed and meals112,726 yen
Room charge differenceDifference from the room charge that occurs when you specify a private room etc.16,580 yen
Delivery feeCost of natural childbirth254,180 yen
Newborn management childcare feeManagement costs including milk and diaper costs for babies during hospitalization50,621 yen
Inspection / drug fee– –13,124 yen
Treatment / first aidDays from postpartum to discharge14,563 yen
Obstetrics medical insurance systemA guarantee system for the financial burden if the baby suffers from severe cerebral palsy or sequelae during childbirth. Most medical institutions and midwifery hospitals are members15,881 yen
others– –28,085 yen

It’s just an average, so keep in mind that it will change depending on the condition of your mom and baby, the facility where you give birth, and the method of giving birth. We will explain in detail the difference in costs depending on the facility and delivery method later.

* 1: Public Interest Incorporated Association National Health Insurance Central Association “Average delivery cost for normal delivery (2016)

Maternity goods / baby goods costs

However, one of the characteristics of maternity goods and baby goods is that there are many ways to save money, such as giving away gifts and old items. According to the experience of senior moms, the estimated cost is as follows.

itemdetailrough indication
Maternity goodsPregnancy line prevention cream, maternity bra, maternity shorts, T-shaped band for childbirth, maternity pajamas, etc.30,000 yen or less
Baby goodsClothes, diapers, powdered milk, nursing goods, cribs, baby comforters, child seats, baby baths, detergents / moisturizing creams, etc.Around 150,000 yen

Differences in childbirth costs depending on the facility that gives birth

Keep in mind that childbirth costs vary depending on the facility (hospital, ladies’ clinic, midwifery hospital) where you give birth.

Hospitals were the most expensive to give birth. On the contrary, the statistics show that the cost is the lowest at the midwifery center.

I will explain in detail along with the average cost of each.


If you give birth at a hospital, the market price for childbirth costs is 511,652 yen (* 1).It is the highest cost price among the three types of facilities.

At hospitals, the market price for hospitalization is about 62,000 yen (* 1) compared to other facilities. The fact that hospitalization costs are higher than the market price is thought to be a factor in the high cost of childbirth.
Other costs are not much different from other facilities.

Ladies Clinic

If you give birth at a women’s clinic, the market price for childbirth costs is 501,408 yen (* 1).It can be said that the cost market is the closest to the overall average.

Midwifery center

If you give birth at a midwifery center, the market price for childbirth costs is 464,943 yen (* 1).The cost market is the lowest of the three types of facilities.

The room charge difference and inspection / drug charges are suppressed compared to other facilities.
However, while the average length of hospital stay is 5 days (* 1), the cost of hospitalization is almost the same as the average length of hospitalization for hospitals and ladies’ clinics, which is 6 days (* 1).

Although the cost can be kept down overall, it can be said that it is a little expensive if you look only at the hospitalization cost.

Reasons for the difference in cost

It is thought that the difference in delivery costs depending on the delivery facility is due to the difference in services.
The number of doctors and medical staff in the office, medical equipment, meal contents, childbirth souvenirs, etc. have an effect.
The more staff there are and the more up-to-date medical equipment is in place, the higher the cost will be in terms of management.

In addition, there are no doctors in the midwifery center, and there is a tendency for the number of staff in the midwifery center to be smaller than in other facilities.
One of the factors that keeps the cost of childbirth at the midwifery center low is that in many cases, only moms who have a good pregnancy and can deliver naturally are accepting deliveries.
At the midwifery center, moms who need medical treatment are transferred to affiliated hospitals or clinics, which may be the reason why the market for childbirth costs is held down.

Differences in delivery costs depending on the method of delivery

Differences in delivery costs depending on the method of delivery
Childbirth costs also depend on the delivery method. Let’s also keep in mind the difference in cost between “natural childbirth,” “caesarean section,” and “painless delivery (Japanese pain delivery).”

Natural childbirth

Natural childbirth refers to delivery that does not require special medical treatment.

The average cost of natural childbirth is 505,759 yen (* 1).Due to the idea that childbirth is not an illness, insurance is not applied and you will have to pay the full amount.

Caesarean section

Caesarean section is a delivery method in which a baby is removed by surgery. You may be considering a Caesarean section from the stage of medical examination, such as placenta previa or breech birth, or you may have an urgent Caesarean section because your baby or mom is at risk of life.

Caesarean section is not a delivery that mom wants.Insurance is available for medical practice as it can only be done if the doctor determines that medical intervention is necessary.
The out-of-pocket cost is 30%, and there are many cases where you can receive medical assistance and medical insurance coverage.is.

In the case of selective Caesarean section (planned Caesarean section), the delivery cost is 221,400 yen, and in the case of emergency Caesarean section, it is 222,000 yen (* 2).

Compared to the average market price of 254,180 yen (* 1) for natural childbirth, the difference from the selective Caesarean section is 32,780 yen. However, in the case of Caesarean section, hospitalization costs are considered to be high because there are many cases of hospitalization for about 7 days.

* 2: Calculated based on the medical fee points for the second year of ReiwaHow much does a Caesarean section cost? Introducing the knowledge of subsidies, insurance, and out-of-pocket costs that you should know!Money related to childbirth that is of concern to pregnant moms and those who want to have a baby in the future. This time, I will explain in detail the cost of Caesarean section. Birth is what happens until the baby is born in this world …

Labor analgesia and labor analgesia

Labor analgesia or labor analgesia that uses anesthesia to control pain during labor. It is a delivery method that can be selected according to mom’s wishes. It will be treated as a natural childbirth, and all those who use anesthesia will be responsible for their own expenses. As a result, delivery costs are often high, and the cost setting varies greatly depending on the hospital or clinic.

There are many cases where the cost is set by adding 100,000 to 200,000 yen to natural childbirth, but it seems that it may be even higher depending on the hospital or clinic.

* Painless delivery is not available at Ena Ladies Clinic.

Costs may change depending on the time of day and date

It is important to understand that the cost may vary depending on the time of day and the date, as well as the difference in delivery costs depending on the facility.

If childbirth begins outside reception hours or on holidays, late-night charges and holiday charges may be added. Although costs vary depending on the time of day and date, the timing of childbirth is not controllable.

Consider that it is necessary to estimate the cost a little more, assuming that the childbirth starts outside the reception hours or on a holiday.

A system to subsidize the cost from pregnancy to childbirth

It turns out that it costs a lot of money from pregnancy to childbirth. Some moms may be in trouble, saying, “I can’t afford it …”.

To support such moms, the national and local governments have systems to support the pregnancy and childbirth of moms and babies.

Pregnant woman health checkup consultation slip

Pregnant women’s health checkup slips are issued to subsidize the cost of pregnant women’s checkups. It is a mechanism that you can receive it after issuing the Mother and Child Handbook, and if you submit it at the time of the pregnancy examination, you will be subsidized for a part (or the full amount) of the examination fee.

The number of maternity health checkup slips issued and the amount of subsidy vary depending on the municipality.

Example of publicly funded health checkup for pregnant women (* 3)

Name of prefecturesAverage public expenditure status
Hokkaido99,928 yen (* 4)
Tokyo86,742 yen
Osaka prefecture116,309 yen
Fukuoka Prefecture103,813 yen
Okinawa Prefecture99,215 yen

You can see that the cost burden during pregnancy differs depending on which municipality gives birth. If you find out that you are pregnant, it is recommended that you first check the subsidy rate of your pregnant woman’s health checkup slip.

* 3: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare | Regarding the status of public expenditure for pregnant women’s health examinations (as of April 1, 2018)
* 4: Value excluding local governments that do not clearly indicate the status of public expenditure

Childbirth and childcare lump sum

The Childbirth and Childcare Lump-sum Grant is a subsidy provided to all mothers (including dependents) who have health insurance for 4 months or more of pregnancy.When you apply, you will be paid 420,000 yen per baby.

There are three ways to receive the lump-sum birth allowance.

Direct payment system

Details of how to receiveThe facility that gave birth applies for health insurance, and the lump-sum childbirth and childcare allowance can be applied to the cost of childbirth. By the time you leave the hospital, you need to sign a contract to use the facility’s direct payment system.
Application timingBefore childbirth
Whether or not there is a childbirth cost to be paid to the medical institutionIf the cost of childbirth exceeds the benefit, pay the difference
pointIf the cost of childbirth is less than the benefit, apply for health insurance at a later date and the difference will be refunded.You can apply for the direct payment system by the time you are discharged from the hospital.

Receiving agent system

Details of how to receiveAfter giving birth, apply for a lump-sum birth allowance for your own health insurance.
Application timingAfter delivery
Whether or not there is a childbirth cost to be paid to the medical institutionPay the full cost of childbirth
pointYou need to prepare a lot of moneyIf you can use a credit card at the facility where you give birth, you can collect points etc.

There is also a provision that in the case of multiple births, benefits for the number of people will be paid, and if the child is born at a facility that is not a member of the obstetrics medical insurance system, the amount of payment will be 404,000 yen.

If you would like to know more about the lump-sum payment for childbirth and childcare, please refer to the website of the Japan Health Insurance Association .

Maternity allowance

The maternity allowance is a subsidy system for moms who are working and have health insurance at their place of employment. Even if you have a part-time job or a part-time job, you can receive it if you have health insurance at your place of employment.

Based on the standard monthly salary (average salary for the past 12 months), you can receive an allowance equivalent to 2/3 of the daily salary for 98 days (42 days before and 56 days after childbirth). You can also receive the amount of the childbirth that is delayed from the scheduled date. Also, keep in mind that if you are pregnant with multiple births, you will receive 154 days (98 days before and 56 days after childbirth).● For moms with a standard monthly salary of 250,000 yen
250,000 yen ÷ 30 days = 8,333 yen (daily salary)
Daily salary 8,333 x 2/3 = 5,555 yen (daily salary)
5,555 x 98 days = 544,390 yen (daily salary) Total amount of maternity allowance * If you give birth on time

However, in many cases, it takes 1 to 2 months to apply for the maternity allowance 56 days after giving birth and receive it. Please note that it is often not possible to cover the cost of childbirth.

As a general rule, it is assumed that you will continue to work after giving birth, but there are cases where you can receive a maternity allowance even if you are forced to retire due to poor physical condition during pregnancy.
At that time, it is necessary to have an insured period of one year or more continuously by the retirement date and to meet the conditions for receiving the maternity allowance at the time of retirement (when the qualification of health insurance is disqualified).

If you’re a working mom, find out about your health insurance maternity allowance once you know you’re pregnant.

Advanced medical expenses system

For moms who need medical intervention during childbirth, advanced medical care may be available.
Health insurance sets an upper limit on the payment of medical expenses for one month. You don’t have to pay the full amount because you can get subsidies from health insurance for expenses that exceed the maximum amount. This is the advanced medical expenses system. The maximum amount is determined by the age and annual income of the subscriber.

It is often applied to moms who have a Caesarean section, so be sure to check it out if you are planning to have a Caesarean section during pregnancy. Details are introduced in this article.How much does a Caesarean section cost? Introducing the knowledge of subsidies, insurance, and out-of-pocket costs that you should know!

Injury and illness allowance

Moms who are forced to take leave due to severe morning sickness, imminent miscarriage, or imminent premature birth during pregnancy may be eligible for injury and illness allowance.

However, please be aware that there are provisions such as if you are paid even while you are on leave, or if you receive a maternity allowance, you will not be able to receive an injury or illness allowance.
In addition, depending on the public medical insurance you have, you may not have an injury or illness allowance system.

Subsidy / tax reduction system that can be received during childcare

Mom is not the end of having a baby. Money will continue to be needed to keep a healthy baby healthy. Finally, I would like to briefly introduce the subsidies and tax reduction systems that can be received while raising children.

Childcare leave benefits

This is a benefit paid to moms and dads who are taking childcare leave. If you apply properly, you will be exempted from social insurance premiums while you are on leave, so be sure to check with moms and dads who take childcare leave.

Please refer to this article for more information on childcare leave.When can I take maternity leave (prenatal and postnatal leave)? Introducing the difference from maternity allowance and childcare leave!

Children’s allowance

Children’s allowance is a benefit paid to parents from the age of 0 until they graduate from junior high school.

The amount of benefits varies depending on the age of the child, and an application is required to receive the benefits. Also, depending on your annual household income, your child allowance may be reduced or you may not be able to receive it.

Final tax return

Childbirth is not covered by insurance,You can get tax exemption for the cost of childbirth by filing your tax return.Make it a habit to keep receipts during pregnancy for use in tax returns.

Examples of deductionsPregnant women’s examination costs, part of childbirth costs, transportation costs for hospital visits and hospitalization (public transportation and taxi costs), one-month postpartum examination costs, breast milk outpatient consultation costs for treatment purposes, fertility treatment costs, etc.

If you do not receive a receipt, such as public transportation charges, you can file a tax return by recording it in your household account book.

Hospitalization fee for Ena Ladies Clinic

A private room fee will be charged separately for the special room, so it is a rough guide, but it will be the cost when giving birth at our hospital.

PrenatalAbout 5 days after giving birthFrom 480,000 yen
Multiparous womanAbout 4 days after giving birthFrom 460,000 yen
Caesarean section7 days for both first and second childbirthFrom 430,000 yen (depending on income category)

The above amount minus the lump sum (420,000 yen) will be the cost to be paid at the time of discharge, but please contact us for details.


I have explained in detail about the money for childbirth and the subsidy system. Money is important in our daily lives. If you don’t have a clear idea of ​​money, you may feel uneasy.

Please understand the cost of pregnancy and childbirth and the subsidy system in advance, and spend the period until childbirth calmly.

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