N: Nursery school, kindergarten, certified child institution

Updated: April 12, 2021

Measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection (nursery centers, certified children’s schools, etc.)

Free early childhood education and childcare

Nursery school / child care

We will take care of your child when the guardian is working in the daytime or is ill and cannot take care of the child at home.

Target children

Children from the month after they reach 3 months of age to before entering elementary school * If childcare is required after childbirth leave, we will keep it from the 57th day after birth in principle.

Childcare time

Monday-Saturday: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm ( with extended childcare hours )

Unlicensed childcare facility

In addition to municipal and private nursery schools, there are facilities for childcare as unlicensed childcare facilities. Of these, facilities that meet certain standards are certified as “Chiba City Preemptive Project Certified Childcare Facilities” and “Chiba City Childcare Room” and are subsidized.

Centers for Early Childhood Education

It is a facility that combines the functions and characteristics of a kindergarten and a nursery school, provides integrated school education and childcare in early childhood, and also supports local childcare. It can be used regardless of whether the guardian is working or not.


Please contact each kindergarten for admission to the kindergarten.

Small-scale childcare, home-based childcare, and on-site childcare

We will take care of your child when the guardian is working during the day or is ill and cannot take care of the child at home.

Target children

Under 3 years old 

Temporary custody (regular use / irregular use)

It can be used when childcare is temporarily required due to a guardian’s illness, hospitalization, tiredness of childcare, participation in a trial by the Saiban-in system, etc. In addition, even if childcare is required about 3 days a week due to part-time work, we will take care of your child at each nursery center (garden).

Holiday childcare

If your child is in a nursery school (garden) and needs childcare, such as when a guardian works on Sundays or public holidays, we will take care of it.

* For information on holiday childcare for elementary school students , please see the page for holiday childcare for elementary school students .

Childcare for children with disabilities

When a child with a physical or mental disability who can take group childcare and can go to the office every day needs childcare due to the work of a guardian, etc., childcare is provided at all nursery centers (gardens).

About correspondence at the time of announcement of disaster prevention weather information

When disaster prevention weather information such as typhoons and heavy rains is announced, nursery schools and certified children’s institutes may be temporarily closed depending on the content of the announcement.

Please check the link above for details.

Long-term childcare in a private kindergarten

Some private kindergartens in the city carry out long-term childcare from 7:30 to 18:30, and it is possible to leave children for the same amount of time as a nursery school.

Report of abuse in childcare facilities

 If there is child abuse by staff at a childcare facility in the city, please let us know from the link above. 

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