Cancer screening implementation system

Cancer screening implementation system

Cancer screening implementation system

1 Implementation system (measure-type examination and voluntary examination)

There are two types of cancer screening: “countermeasure-type screening” represented by residents’ screening in municipalities, and “voluntary-type screening” such as human docks that are performed by individuals. Countermeasure-type screening is introduced for the purpose of reducing the cancer mortality rate in regions, etc., and voluntary screening is a medical service voluntarily provided by medical institutions for the purpose of reducing the risk of individual death. is.
It is important to understand which one suits your needs and to have a cancer screening.

 Countermeasure type examination (resident examination)Arbitrary type examination (human dock)
PurposeReduce mortality for the entire target populationReduce the risk of personal death
Public medical services as a preventative measure

Medical services voluntarily provided by medical institutions and medical examination institutions
Person to be examinedAll members
(residents of a certain age range, etc.)
Not defined
Examination feeUse public fundsFull self-pay
Profit and disadvantageMaximize profits for the group
by considering the balance between profits and disadvantages with limited resources

Judging the balance between profits and disadvantages at the individual level

Source: Quoted from Cancer Information Service, Cancer Control Information Center, National Cancer Center

2 Advantages and disadvantages of examination

The benefits of screening are only guaranteed if it is scientifically based.

On the other hand, the disadvantages can occur in any examination.

Benefits of screening

・ Early detection can be achieved by undergoing a medical examination when there are no symptoms.

・ You can reduce the number of people who die from cancer.

Disadvantages of medical examination

・ It is not possible to detect 100% of cancer.

・ Even if you do not have cancer, the judgment may be “detailed examination required”.

・ Accidents (radiation exposure, bleeding, etc.) associated with medical examinations and detailed examinations may occur.

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