CS; Elderly, difficulty paying insurance premiums

Payment consultation

Last updated: June 1, 2019 update

If you have difficulty paying insurance premiums, please contact us.

 If it is difficult to pay the insurance premium due to a disaster, involuntary unemployment, business suspension, etc., you may be able to receive a reduction or exemption (* 1) or a deferment of collection (* 2) by applying. I have. Please contact the medical office for the elderly in your city (ward), town or village. At the counter, we will respond in detail based on the individual situation of the subscriber.

Exemption (* 1)
 Due to significant damage to property due to disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons, floods, and fires, the death of the head of household, involuntary unemployment, and the abolition of business. Insurance premiums can be exempted if you are found to be unable to pay your insurance premiums due to poor living conditions, or if you are detained in a penal institution and your benefits are restricted.
* Involuntary unemployment is when you lose your job against your will due to business bankruptcy, bankruptcy, or closure of business (excluding retirement and dismissal due to reasons attributable to you).

Postponement of collection (* 2)
 If it is temporarily difficult to pay the insurance premium due to the same circumstances as the exemption, the collection will be postponed for a period of up to 6 months.

If you delinquent insurance premiums

 Except for those who have special circumstances such as a disaster, the following measures will be taken for those who continue to delinquent insurance premiums or who do not respond to payment consultations.

Issuance of short-term insured card

 We will issue a short-term health insurance card with a shorter expiration date than a regular health insurance card.

Issuance of insured qualification certificate

 If you are able to pay the insurance premium but have been in arrears for more than a year, you will be asked to return your insurance card and issue an “Insured Qualification Certificate” instead. (Medical expenses will be borne by you once.)
* Just because you are in arrears does not mean that you will be issued a qualification certificate immediately. We will listen in detail to the circumstances leading up to the delinquency and consider the necessary support.

Limitation of insurance benefits

 If the insurance premiums continue to be delinquent without any special circumstances, all or part of the insurance benefits such as medical expenses and high-cost medical expenses will be suspended and the benefits will be used for the delinquent insurance premiums.