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Chiba City Independence and Work Counseling Center Central

Chiba City Life Independence / Work Counseling Center Chuo (Independence Counseling Support Project)

“Chiba City Life Independence and Work Counseling Center Chuo” responds to each consultation content so that effective support for independence is provided to those who are worried about their lives or who are not confident in getting a job. It is a consultation desk that provides continuous support by formulating support plans. Please feel free to contact us by phone, fax, or email.

* This center is an independence consultation support organization based on the Act on Support for Independence of People in Need of Living, commissioned by Chiba City.

■ Target audience:

Those who live in Chiba City and wish to improve their employment and household budget for economic and social independence.

■ Business content:

We accept consultations focusing on financial issues, employment issues, hikikomori, etc.

○ It’s been a long time since I left work and I can’t get a job easily ○ I can’t get
along well with the people around me and I can’t continue working for a long time ○ It is difficult to pay due to delinquent rent and utility charges … etc.

For those who have various anxieties and worries about their lives but do not know where to consult, or who have complicatedly intertwined issues, the consultation support staff will work closely with each and every one to find a solution. increase. In solving the problem, we will cooperate with local support organizations (Chiba City, Social Welfare Council, NPO, etc.) and support as a team.

■ Consultation flow (example)

(1) First, let’s sort out your anxieties and worries [Consultation]

(2) Let’s make a plan to solve one by one [Plan]

(3) Let’s improve our current life [Support / Check]

■ Consultation fee:


■ Location:

4-5-1 Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi Kiboru 15th floor

■ Consultation reception time:

Monday to Friday (excluding holidays, December 29th to January 3rd)
8: 30-17: 30

Phone 043-202-5563
FAX 043-221-3370
Email soudan-chu@chiba-shakyo.jp

Life independence / work consultation center

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Job Counseling Center Central PamphletPAGE TOPChiba City Independence and Work Counseling Center CentralChiba City Life Independence and Work Counseling Center Central 4-5-1 Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba 260-0013  Kiboru 15th floor TEL 043-202-5563 / FAX 043-221-3370
E -mail soudan-chu @ chiba-shakyo.jp