E: Elderly support

Subsidy / support system for the elderly

Civil welfare officer

We are developing community-based welfare activities, such as providing various support in response to consultations on social welfare from everyone. Please feel free to contact us.

Lending of living welfare funds(Link to external site)

Households with relatively low incomes who cannot receive loans from others, elderly people (65 years old or older) who need long-term care in their daily lives, people with physical disabilities (possessing a physical disability certificate), people with intellectual disabilities (persons with intellectual disabilities) A system that supports households with mentally handicapped persons (possessing a nursing handbook) and mentally handicapped persons (having a mentally handicapped person’s health and welfare handbook) to lead a stable life and financial independence by lending funds and providing necessary assistance and guidance. is. There are four types of funds, “comprehensive support funds,” “welfare funds,” “education support funds,” and “real estate-backed living funds,” depending on the use of the funds.

Longevity congratulations

We will present a congratulatory gift to those who are 99 years old. (September)

Daily life independence support project(Link to external site)

For elderly people and people with disabilities who are worried about their daily lives, we support the use of welfare services such as long-term care insurance and manage daily money so that they can lead an independent life as much as possible in the area. I am helping you. Consultation is free, service is charged

Family long-term care comfort

If you are at home and are 65 years of age or older and need long-term care 4 or 5, and you have not received long-term care insurance service in the past year, you will be provided with a severance pay to the caregiver (with income restrictions).

Related departments

Housing renovation cost support

In households with elderly people aged 65 and over who are certified as requiring long-term care, we will partially subsidize the cost of renovating the house so that the elderly can live comfortably or care for them. Please apply before starting construction.

Payment of welfare benefits for the elderly such as foreigners

Welfare benefits will be paid to elderly people such as foreigners who are non-pensioners due to the period during which they could not join the public pension system due to nationality requirements and address requirements. (There are other requirements)

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