Facilities and Events

Updated: July 5, 2022

[New coronavirus related] Information on facilities and events

Currently, there are no time limits on the use of city facilities.

For events, please check the latest information on each event’s website, etc., or contact the organizer.

When using facilities

  • Each facility will continue to take measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
  • When using the facilities, please refrain from using them when you are not feeling well, and cooperate with measures against infectious diseases.
  • Depending on the judgment of the facility, the number of people, usage method, usage content, etc. may be restricted. For details, please check the website of each facility or contact them directly.
  • In addition, please follow the rules of the facility.

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 List of facilities

 Lifelong learning facility

public hall(Link to external site)

Lifelong learning center(Link to external site)

Southern Youth Center

library(Link to external site)

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 Sports Facilities

Kotehashi Heated Pool

Kitayatsu Heated Pool


Furuichi Gymnasium

sumo hall

Mitsuwadai Gymnasium

Takasu Sports Center

Aqua Link Chiba

Chiba Park

Soga Sports Park

Aoba Forest Sports Plaza

Mitsuwadai 2nd Park

Ariyoshi Park

Showa Forest

Hanashima Park

Inage Seaside Park

Prefectural Makuhari Seaside Park

Former Hanamigawa Daigo Elementary School Ruins Facility

Chiba Port Arena

Miyanogi Sports Center

Isobe Sports Center

Naganumahara Working Citizen Plaza(Link to external site)

Makuhari Working Citizen Plaza(Link to external site)

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 School physical education facility

 community center

Central community center (including Matsunami branch office)

Chuo Ward Soga Community Center

Chuo Ward Soga Community Center Harmony Plaza Annex

Hanamigawa Ward Hata Community Center

Hanamigawa Ward Makuhari Community Center

Hanamigawa Ward Hanashima Community Center

Inage Ward Anagawa Community Center

Inage Ward Naganuma Community Center

Wakaba Ward Tsuga Community Center

Wakaba Ward Chishirodai Community Center

Midori Ward Kamatori Community Center

Toke Asumigaoka Plaza

Mihama Ward Takasu Community Center

Mihama Ward Masago Community Center

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 Social welfare facility

Nehashi Community Welfare Exchange Center

Konakadai Community Welfare Exchange Center

Welfare Center for the Disabled(Link to external site)

Chiba City Rehabilitation Center Fureai House(Link to external site)

Iki-Iki Plaza/Iki-Iki Center in each ward

Chiba Civic Activity Support Center(Link to external site)

Oyumino Fureaikan

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 Child care related facilities

Children Exchange Center(Link to external site)

Children’s Forest Park Play Park(Link to external site)

boy nature house(Link to external site)

Child-rearing support center, etc.

  • Child care support center
  • Smile room
  • Child care open space, Chidori
  • Child care open space, Inage
  • Child care open space, Mitsuwadai
  • Fureai Hiroba/Teru
  • Sakura Hot Station parent and child
  • Child care open space, song
  • Soga Childcare Relaxation Hall
  • Chibadera/Child-raising Relaxation Hall
  • Hanamigawa Child Care Relaxation Center
  • Makuhari Hongo Childcare Relaxation Hall
  • Small child, child care relaxation hall
  • Sonno child care relaxation hall
  • Chishirodai child care relaxation hall
  • Tsuga station square child care relaxation hall
  • Oyumino Chuo child care relaxation hall
  • Kamatori Childcare Relaxation Center
  • Saiwaicho child care relaxation hall
  • Takasu child care relaxation hall
  • Parenting Relaxation Center/Student Business Plaza

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 social education facility

Center for Gender Equality(Link to external site)

 Agricultural facilities

Agricultural Administration Center

Chiba City Furusato Farm(Link to external site)

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 Tourist facilities, etc.

Chiba Port Tower(Link to external site)

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 public works facility

Chiba Velodrome(Link to external site)

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 Cultural facility

Civic center

cultural center

Wakaba Bunka Hall

Mihama Cultural Hall

Chiba City Museum of Art

Citizen Gallery Inage

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 Other facilities

Chiba City Funeral Hall(Link to external site)

JR Kaihin Makuhari station underpass smoking area