Garbage: When you are moving

Updated: March 7, 2022

About disposal of garbage generated by moving etc.

If you decide to move, please dispose of the disused items as soon as possible by an appropriate method.

This is a leaflet that explains in detail how to dispose of moving garbage.

[Disposal of garbage generated by moving, etc.] (PDF: 580KB)

How to put out a large amount of garbage at one time

Temporarily large amounts of garbage, such as moving and organizing relics, cannot be put out at the garbage station, so please ask a general waste disposal business licensed company directly.

How to dispose of TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators / freezers, washing machines / clothes dryers

The city does not collect home appliances that fall under the Home Appliance Recycling Law, so please ask the store where you purchased the product (charged) or directly to a general waste disposal business licensed company.

How to put out oversized garbage

You can apply in advance or bring it to a cleaning facility (for a fee) to collect large-sized garbage that does not fit in the bag.

About recycling of small household appliances

Please use the collection box for laptops, tablets, mobile phones, smartphones, cameras, electronic accessories (codes), etc.

How to separate and dispose of combustible waste

Swill, soft plastic products, styrofoam, futons, carpets (made of cloth), tatami mats, etc.

How to separate and dispose of non-burnable garbage and harmful garbage

Non-burnable garbage: Hard plastic products, glass products, small household appliances that cannot be collected in the above boxes, etc.

Hazardous waste: Fluorescent lamps, batteries, thermometers (containing mercury), disposable gas lighters, cassette-type gas cylinder spray cans, etc.

How to divide and put out recyclable materials (waste paper, cloth)

Waste paper: newspapers, magazines, cardboard, paper packs, miscellaneous items

Clothes: T-shirts, Y-shirts, pants, skirts, sweaters, suits, coats, Japanese clothes, etc.