Health Insurance: When you moved in

Updated: April 2, 2021

When moving in from another municipality

If you are enrolled in National Health Insurance in another city, town or village and move to Chiba City, please notify Chiba City of enrollment within 14 days. (You can complete the procedure at the same time as the notification of moving in your resident card)

What you need for notification

  1. Certificate of move-out (issued at the municipality of the previous address)
  2. What you can see the amount of income of the previous year
  3. Those that can prove your identity (*)
  4. Financial institution cash card (You can transfer insurance premiums to your account)

* You can prove your identity with your Individual Number Card, driver’s license, passport, or other certificate with a photo issued by a government agency.
If the head of the household or the person in the same household brings a proof of identity and submits the notification, you can receive your health insurance card at the counter. In other cases, it will be mailed to the head of household.

Notification window

Citizen’s General Counter Section, Citizen Center of each ward office (cannot be processed at the liaison office)

Congestion forecast calendar at the reception desk of the Citizen’s General Counter Section of the Ward Office

Inquiries about National Health Insurance

National Health Insurance Group, Citizens’ General Counter Section, Each Ward Office

  1. Chuo-ku Telephone 043-221-2131
  2. Hanamigawa Ward Telephone 043-275-6255
  3. Inage Ward Telephone 043-284-6119
  4. Wakaba Ward Telephone 043-233-8131
  5. Midori Ward Phone 043-292-8119
  6. Mihama Ward Telephone 043-270-3131

Source of information on this page

Health Insurance Division, Medical Hygiene Department, Health and Welfare Bureau

2-1 Chibaminato, Chuo-ku, Chiba City Chiba Central Community Center B1F

Phone: 043-245-5143

Fax: 043-245-5544