Health Insurance: When you quit job

When you quit your health insurance at work

If you quit your health insurance at your place of employment, please submit a notification of joining the National Health Insurance within 14 days. (Except when you have health insurance at another office.)

You will not be automatically enrolled in National Health Insurance.

Even if the notification of enrollment is delayed, you will be enrolled in National Health Insurance retroactively to the day when you were eligible to enroll, and you will be required to pay the insurance premiums during that period. (Up to 2 years)

What you need for notification

1 Certificate of loss of health insurance qualification (certificate of quitting health insurance at work)

The date of disqualification is required. Please make the notification after the date of disqualification. Notifications cannot be made before the date of disqualification.

* How to obtain the certificate of disqualification depends on the health insurance you have.

・ Japan Health Insurance Association (Kenpo): Please make a request to the pension office. For details, see the Japan Pension Service website “Procedures for switching to National Health Insurance, etc.”(Link to external site)(Open in a new window)Please refer to the.

・ Other than the above: Please contact the issuer of the insurance card, the health insurance department of your previous employer, etc. In addition, the style PDF version of Chiba City (PDF: 81KB)(Open in a new window), Word version (word: 37KB)(Open in a new window)You can also use the one created by your previous office with a company name.

* For the following reasons, you cannot submit a notification using only documents that show your retirement date (employment insurance insured person turnover slip, retirement certificate, etc.).

・ Because the date of disqualification cannot be confirmed (the date of disqualification and the date of retirement may differ).

・ If you cannot confirm the loss of qualifications of your family (dependents) and cannot complete the necessary items, you may be asked to come back to the office after obtaining a certificate of loss of qualifications. Please note.

2 Those that show the amount of income (income) during the previous year (copy of withholding slip, copy of final tax return, etc.)

If you join from January to March, you need the one from the year before last. Those who have filed a residence tax do not need to submit any documents. Also, even if you do not have income, you do not need to submit documents, but you need to declare your income at the counter.

3 Identity verification documents for those who come to the counter

Identity verification documents are My Number Card, driver’s license, passport, and other certificates with a photo of your face issued by government agencies. If the head of the household or the person in the same household has submitted the above identification documents, you can receive your health insurance card at the counter. If you present other documents, they will be mailed to the head of household. Please see here for other applicable identity verification documents .

4 Financial institution cash card

If you bring your financial institution’s cash card, you can transfer your insurance premiums to your account on the spot. Please refer to the FAQ for details on available financial institutions and procedures .

5 Pension certificate (Persons who fall under the medical system for retirees. However, those who are eligible by March 31, 2015. Explanation of medical system for retirees )

Notification window and reception date and time

Citizen’s General Counter Section, Citizen Center of each ward office (cannot be processed at the liaison office)

Congestion forecast calendar at the reception desk of the Citizen’s General Counter Section of the Ward Office

Reception date and time: Monday to Friday (excluding holidays and year-end and New Year holidays) 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

     Holidays Opening days  9:00 am to 12:30 pm

    * The window for opening holidays is only the Citizens’ General Counter Section of each ward office.

Inquiries about National Health Insurance

National Health Insurance Group, Citizens’ General Counter Section, Each Ward Office

  1. Chuo-ku Telephone 043-221-2131
  2. Hanamigawa Ward Telephone 043-275-6255
  3. Inage Ward Telephone 043-284-6119
  4. Wakaba Ward Telephone 043-233-8131
  5. Midori Ward Phone 043-292-8119
  6. Mihama Ward Telephone 043-270-3131
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