How to make a reservation for additional (third) inoculation

Those who reserve a ” family slot ” that accepts only family members

Depending on the medical institution, the definition of family, the start time of reservation, the reservation method, etc. will differ.
For details, see “Corona Vaccine Navi”(Link to external site)(Open in a new window)Please check at or contact the Chiba City Corona Vaccination Call Center ( 0120-57-8970 ).

How to change or cancel your reservation

Please change or cancel your reservation at the medical institution where you made the reservation.

Those who reserve a ” general frame ” that anyone can receive inoculation

We are currently accepting reservations online and by phone .

Please be sure to have your vaccination ticket handy when making a reservation .

Book onlineBook by phone
Chiba City Vaccination Reservation Site(Link to external site)(Open in a new window)Operation manual (PDF: 1,051KB)After logging in, please be sure to read the notice at the top of My Page.In addition, please cooperate in registering your e-mail address as it will be a means to inform you of important information from Chiba City such as reservation completion e-mail and remind e-mail the day before .
* Reservation completion emails and reminders the day before are for those who have registered their email addresses. If you would like to receive e-mail, please set the e-mail reception setting of My Page to “Receive”.
* The remind email address is ” “.
Chiba City Corona Vaccination Call Center
Phone number: 0120-57-8970
* Please be careful not to make a mistake!
Reception hours: (Monday to Friday) 8:30 to 21:00 (Saturday and Sunday) 8:30 to 18:00* People with hearing or speech disabilities can make a reservation by fax.
FAX 043-245-5128 (FAX exclusive style [ PDF / Excel ])
How to change or cancel your reservation

In the case of WEB , Chiba City vaccination reservation site until the day of(Link to external site)(Open in a new window)You can change or cancel your reservation by yourself from My Page. If you call, please contact the
Chiba City Corona Vaccination Call Center ( 0120-57-8970 ) (If you did not change or cancel the vaccination by the day of the reservation, you can make another reservation by phone. Contact is required.).