influenza vaccination for the elderly

 Information on influenza vaccination for the elderly

Influenza vaccination for the elderly in the 3rd year of Reiwa will be available from October 1st (Friday) to December 31st (Friday).

Chiba City will provide subsidies for influenza vaccination based on the Vaccination Law.
If you wish to receive the vaccination, please understand the effects and side reactions of the vaccination before receiving the vaccination.

* Information was sent to all target people until 2011, but from 2012, it is only for new target people.

This page provides information on influenza vaccination for people over 65 years old.For information on subsidizing expenses for people under the age of 65 , please see the “Subsidizing Influenza Vaccination Expenses” page.

Flu symptoms

After a latent period of about 1 to 3 days after being infected with influenza virus, fever (usually high fever of 38 degrees or higher), headache, general malaise, myalgia / joint pain, etc. suddenly appear, cough, nasal discharge, etc. The upper airway inflammation is followed by a typical flu that resolves after about a week, and the systemic symptoms are stronger than the so-called “cold”. In particular, in elderly patients, patients of all ages who have chronic diseases of the respiratory, circulatory, and kidney diseases, metabolic diseases such as diabetes, and patients with impaired immune function, the underlying disease is exacerbated and the respiratory system is affected. It makes you more susceptible to the following bacterial infections and increases the risk of hospitalization and death. In children, otitis media may be complicated, febrile convulsions and bronchial asthma may be induced, and in rare cases, severe complications such as acute encephalopathy may occur in children and adults.

Effect of vaccination

The inactivated influenza vaccine currently used in Japan cannot be expected to be as effective as the polio and measles vaccines, and is not effective in completely stopping the infection. It is said to have a certain effect on preventing later aggravation and death. It has been reported to be effective in preventing 34-55% of illnesses and 82% of deaths in the elderly. A 2015/16 season study of children under the age of 6 reported an influenza vaccine efficacy rate of 60% for disease prevention.

It takes about two weeks from receiving vaccination to becoming resistant to influenza, and it is said that the effect lasts for about five months. To be more effective, you need to be vaccinated every year by early December, before the flu epidemic.

About side reactions

Rarely, shock and anaphylaxis (urticaria, dyspnea, angioedema, etc.) may occur as serious side reactions, most of which occur within 30 minutes of inoculation, but rarely within 4 hours of inoculation. There is also. In addition, Guillain-Barré syndrome, cramps, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM), encephalopathy, myelitis, optic neuritis, liver dysfunction, jaundice, asthma attacks, etc. have been reported.
In rare cases, a rash, hives, erythema, itching, etc. may appear within a few days immediately after inoculation. Fever, chills, headache, malaise, redness, swelling, pain, etc. may be present, but usually disappear within a few days.

 Inoculation method

  1. Please make an appointment after confirming that you can inoculate with your family doctor (medical institution cooperating in the city). (Some medical institutions do not require reservations)
  2. Please fill in the necessary items on the “Elderly Influenza Vaccination Preliminary Examination Sheet” in Chiba City. (You can also receive it at the counter of a cooperating medical institution)
  3. Please go to the medical institution where you made the reservation with your address and age (health insurance card, etc.) and a medical examination slip (not required if you receive it at the counter of a cooperating medical institution) and inoculate. If you are eligible for the copayment exemption, please submit the certificates to the medical institution together with the medical examination slip.

    * Cooperating medical institutions are marked with a circle for “influenza for the elderly” in the list.

Inoculation target person

Those who have a resident registration in Chiba City and fall under any of the following as of the date of inoculation.

  1. Those over 65 years old
  2. Those aged 60 to 64 who have a first-class impairment in immune function due to heart, kidney, respiratory function, or human immunodeficiency virus

Inoculation period

October 1st, 3rd year of Reiwa-December 31st, 3rd year of Reiwa

Inoculation cost

Out-of-pocket amount 1,800 yen. (However, the inoculation fee of 1,800 yen can only be received once during the inoculation period.)

Those who will be free of inoculation costs

Those who fall under any of the following can be vaccinated free of charge by submitting the exemption target confirmation document to the medical institution together with the pre-examination slip. (However, the inoculation fee will be free only once during the inoculation period.) For
details on the procedure, please see the following link. (Link: Those who get free vaccinations for the elderly )

(Those who are exempt from copayment)

  1. Those who receive welfare protection
  2. Those who belong to households exempt from municipal tax
  3. Those who are receiving support benefits such as Japanese remaining in China


  1. Those who are 65 years old or older ・ ・ ・ ・ Address, age, name can be confirmed (health insurance card, etc.)
  2. Those aged 60 to 64 who have a first-class disability in their immune function due to heart, kidney, respiratory function, or human immunodeficiency virus
                      … Address, age, name can be confirmed (health insurance card, etc.) ), A copy of the certificate of the physically disabled

* If you do not have the medical examination slip, please use the one provided by the cooperating medical institution. In addition, you can also get a pre-examination slip at the Infectious Disease Control Division of the Health Center, the Elderly Disability Support Division of each ward health and welfare center, the Regional Promotion Division of each ward office, the civic center, and the public hall (after October 1st).

You can also use the one downloaded from the following.
Chiba City Elderly Influenza Vaccination Preliminary Examination Sheet (PDF: 322KB)
(Please be sure to read the notes on the back side as well.

* For those who are free of vaccination fee, a confirmation document for exemption is required in addition to the pre-examination slip, and it is necessary to submit it to the medical institution together with the pre-examination slip on the day of vaccination. For details on the procedure, please see the following link.

(Link: Those who get free vaccinations for the elderly )

Precautions for inoculation

As a general rule, vaccinations should be given on a good day. If you are not in good health, consult your doctor before deciding whether or not to inoculate.
In addition, you cannot be vaccinated in the following cases.

  1. Those who have a clear fever (37.5 ° C or higher) on the day of inoculation
  2. Those with a serious acute illness
  3. Those who have had anaphylactic shock due to the ingredients contained in the influenza vaccination solution
  4. Those who have had allergic abnormalities such as fever, rash, and hives within 2 days after being vaccinated against influenza in the past.
  5. In addition, those who are judged by the doctor to be in an inappropriate state 

About inoculation interval with new corona vaccine

The new corona vaccine and other vaccines cannot be given at the same time. In addition, the new corona vaccine and the other vaccines can be given to each other two weeks after receiving one vaccine.

(Example) If you inoculate the new corona vaccine on October 1, you will be able to inoculate the influenza vaccine after October 15 (the same day of the week two weeks later).

If you are unsure, please contact the Infectious Disease Control Division.

Other general precautions after vaccination

  1. Keep in touch with your doctor for 30 minutes after you have been vaccinated. Sudden side reactions may occur during this time.    
  2. Most of the flu vaccine side reactions appear within 24 hours, so be especially careful during this time.
  3. Keep the inoculation site clean. You can take a bath, but do not rub the inoculation site.
  4. You can live as usual on the day of vaccination, but avoid strenuous exercise and heavy drinking.
  5. If you experience any abnormal reactions or changes in your physical condition at the site of inoculation after inoculation, see a doctor immediately.

About health damage relief system by vaccination

If a serious side reaction caused by routine vaccination causes health problems such as medical treatment or leaving a disability that interferes with your life, the Immunization Law You can get compensation based on.
There are categories of medical expenses, medical allowances, child-rearing pensions for children with disabilities, disability pensions, lump-sum death allowances, and funeral fees according to the degree of health damage, and the amount stipulated by law is paid. Except for the lump-sum death allowance and funeral fee, payment will be made until the treatment is completed or the disability is healed.
However, the causal relationship between the health hazard caused by vaccination or another factor (infectious disease that was mixed in before or after vaccination or another cause, etc.) is determined by vaccination / infectious disease. After deliberation by a national examination committee consisting of experts in various fields such as medical care and law, you can receive compensation if it is determined that the vaccination is due.

When you wish to receive vaccination at a medical institution outside the city of Chiba Prefecture

In Chiba prefecture, we carry out “mutual immunization business in Chiba prefecture”. Under the vaccination cooperating doctor of the medical institution cooperating with this project, you can inoculate at public expense using the pre-examination slip of Chiba City. (Please note that the types of vaccinations that can be inoculated differ depending on the vaccination cooperating doctor.)

Please use the pre-examination slip at the Infectious Disease Control Division or the Health Division of the Health and Welfare Center of each ward. You can also use the one printed from the Infectious Disease Control Division website or a copy of the unused pre-examination slip.

Click here for a list of medical institutions that cooperate with the mutual vaccination business in Chiba Prefecture.(Link to external site)(Link to external site)

When you wish to inoculate at a medical institution outside Chiba Prefecture

If you are staying outside the prefecture for a long time, such as being admitted to a facility outside the prefecture or being hospitalized at a medical institution outside the prefecture, and wish to receive routine immunization at a medical institution near the facility or at a hospital outside the prefecture, Chiba It is necessary to submit the “vaccination implementation request form” issued by the city to the medical institution to inoculate. The “Vaccination Implementation Request Form” states, “This vaccination is carried out as a routine vaccination, and if the vaccination causes health damage, the mayor of the municipality with resident registration will take responsibility.” It will be a document to show that to the medical institution to inoculate. Therefore, without this document, you will be treated as a voluntary vaccination, and you will not be able to receive a relief system based on the provisions of the Immunization Law if health damage occurs due to routine vaccination.

* The procedure for applying for the vaccination request form is as follows (please contact the Infectious Disease Control Division for details).

・ Fill out the application form and send it to the Infectious Disease Control Division.
 Call the Infectious Disease Control Division (043-238-9941) and tell us that you will be vaccinated outside the prefecture. After confirming that the “Vaccination Implementation Request Form” is issued, we will send you the application form by mail or fax. When you receive the form, fill in the required items and send it to the Infectious Disease Control Division by mail or fax. If you send it by fax, please call the Infectious Disease Control Division to confirm your arrival.

You can also download the vaccination application form (for elderly influenza) from here (PDF: 106KB) .

(Download) Application form for vaccination implementation request (for elderly influenza) (PDF: 106KB)

After applying, the Infectious Disease Control Division will prepare a vaccination implementation request form and send it to you, your relatives, or the facility you are in.
It takes about 10 days (excluding weekends and holidays, year-end and New Year holidays) after receiving the application before the vaccination implementation request is issued, so please apply with plenty of time.

* About vaccination costs (reimbursement payment) For the costs of
routine vaccinations inoculated outside the prefecture, pay the full amount of the vaccination costs at the inoculated medical institution, etc., and then apply to the Infectious Disease Control Division with the necessary documents 1 to 3 below. By doing so, we will refund (reimbursement) within the maximum amount of Chiba City at a later date. However, if you exceed the upper limit of Chiba City, you will be responsible for the excess amount. In addition, the amount to be refunded will vary depending on whether or not there is a self-pay amount.

[Documents required to apply for reimbursement]
1. Vaccination fee reimbursement invoice (sent together with vaccination request form)
2. Original receipt paid for vaccination (copy not allowed)
3. Preliminary examination Copy
of the invoice Please mail the above 3 points to the Inoculation Control Division.
For details on the procedure for applying for reimbursement, please contact the Infectious Disease Control Division.