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My thoughts on how to separate men and women

Sugiyama Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Director Rikiichi Sugiyama

In fact, the history of birth separation is long, and traditions and superstitions have been passed down since ancient times.
In the midst of rapid advances in modern reproductive medicine, one of the most interesting fields of humankind, “separation of births,” has been delayed in research, and the reason why it has not progressed with the times is that we do not want to step into the sanctuary of “pregnancy and childbirth.” Because the reality is that there are ethical issues in the background.

At our clinic, we receive a steady stream of inquiries from couples from all over the country who are enthusiastic about choosing a male/female birth. There are many opinions and questions. It may be a parent’s ego, but it is also true that the husband and wife are free, and it is also true that by thinking about the separation in this way, you are cultivating awareness as a parent and love for your child. .

In the field of birth separation, we do not use words such as success rate. If you don’t want it, you will fail. It is the wish of obstetricians and gynecologists that the 10 months of maternity life, which begins from conception, will be wonderful.

Due to the spread of the Internet in recent years, a lot of information is confused about gender discrimination, and it seems that enthusiastic couples are confused. It seems that this kind of information tends to make you happy and sad, and neglect the biggest event in your life, which is the original pregnancy and childbirth.
If the “gender separation method” that we recommend causes such a tragedy, I think there is no future for the spread and research of the birth separation method. Please understand that the best way for couples who strongly desire the birth of a child is to use birth separation together, and that birth separation is not the main method. In the end, there is a birth division on the extension of pregnancy, and it is a natural pregnancy in principle.

On the other hand, there are many cases where it is used to avoid serious genetic diseases for gender discrimination. Please also be aware that regardless of the presence or absence of a serious genetic disease, our method of birth selection is at the same level. Under current law, preimplantation diagnosis of fertilized eggs obtained by in vitro fertilization is the only way to avoid serious genetic diseases. However, even in that case, it takes a lot of procedures and time to get permission, and the number of facilities where it is enforced is limited.

There is a group called “Sex Selection Study Group (SS Study Group) *1” in the national group that our hospital also participates in. It is a voluntary gathering of obstetricians and gynecologists nationwide who sympathize and agree with the separation of births. Due to the special nature of birth-sorting, it is not a common nationwide method, but the doctor does it based on his own experience and knowledge. prize.

Last but not least, I sincerely hope that I can help many people who are born separately by striving to develop a method of birth separation that is as natural as possible without going against the laws of nature that cannot be explained by the human body. .

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SS Study Group is an abbreviation for Sex Selection, and is a study group made up of obstetricians and gynecologists who understand the division of births all over the country. However, it is also a fact that the exchange of information on the separation of births has reached a plateau because everyone is so busy these days.
Please understand that the teachers in each prefecture have their own ideas, and that they are not all in the same way or way of thinking.

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