mass inoculation site, Nov 17

Latest information

  • After December, the third vaccination will be started for those who have passed about 8 months or more from the day when the second vaccination was completed . If you wish, you can continue to receive the first and second vaccinations.
  • At Ikoas Chishirodai , you can get vaccinated without reservation from Monday, November 15th to Wednesday, November 17th . On the day of the event, please bring three items: an inoculation ticket, a pre-examination card, and identity verification documents (driver’s license, health insurance card, etc.). In addition, since those who have made a reservation in advance will be given priority , depending on the reservation situation etc., you may have to wait or you may not be able to receive the vaccination .
  • November 12 (Friday) know 18: 00 , Central Community Center, Chiba and Ikoasu Chishirodai to expand the reservation frame. Reservations are accepted online and by phone . If you wish to inoculation, as soon as possible reservation Kedah again.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the age notation for the new corona vaccination is as of March 31, 4th year of Reiwa.
  • The contents posted on the city homepage may be reviewed at any time.

In Chiba City, in addition to vaccination at individual medical institutions, we have opened venues in public facilities of the city where you can receive the new corona vaccine.

There are also inoculation venues set up by the national and prefectural governments, so please check them as well.

Please refer to ” Notice of New Corona Vaccination ” for information other than the information on the mass vaccination site, such as the outline of vaccination and the latest information .

Please be carefulRequest for reservationThe new corona vaccine needs to be inoculated twice at regular intervals. Be sure to get the same type of vaccine the first and second time .Do not make duplicate reservations at multiple medical institutions or mass vaccination venues for more than two actual vaccinations .Forced If you do not receive the vaccination in the reservation date, promptly Chiba corona vaccination call center ( 0120-57-8970 Please be sure to contact) .Inquiries regarding vaccination cannot be answered at the vaccination site facility, so please contact the Chiba City Corona Vaccination Call Center ( 0120-57-8970 ).
Requests for vaccination of childrenChildren between the ages of 12 and 15 must be accompanied by a guardian when inoculating as of the date of inoculation . Please be sure to bring
the identity verification documents of the accompanying guardian (the one that can confirm the name etc. of the driver’s license, insured person’s card, etc.) . Absolutely the case that can not be allowed is, Chiba corona vaccination call center ( 0120-57-8970 please consult).