N: Chuo Ward Health and Welfare Center

Chuo Ward Health and Welfare Center Children and Family Affairs Division

Outline of the office work under the jurisdiction

  1. Payment of various allowances and subsidies for medical expenses We carry
    out procedures for payment of various allowances such as children’s allowances and subsidies for children’s medical expenses.
  2. Regarding the custody of children We carry
    out procedures related to the use of public / licensed daycare centers (gardens), home-based childcare businesses (childcare moms), etc.
    We carry out procedures related to the use of children’s rooms, short-term child-rearing support projects, etc.
  3. Support for single-parent families We
    provide child-rearing allowances and carry out procedures for subsidizing medical expenses for single-parent families .
    We also provide consultations for women / single-mother families and widows, as well as employment consultations for single-mother families.
  4. Child-rearing support, prevention of child abuse We provide
    consultations for families and children, and prevent child abuse.

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The child-rearing support information site “Child-rearing Navi” introduces administrative services related to child-rearing in an easy-to-understand manner. Please use it for useful administrative services and information gathering for child-rearing.

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Office work and contact information

namecontact addressMain office work
Children’s Home DivisionQiball 13th Floor Central Health and Welfare Center* Moved to the 13th floor from January 4, 2019
Phone: 043-221-2149
FAX: 043-221-2606
Nursery schoolChildren’s roomChildren’s allowanceChild-rearing allowanceSubsidies for medical expenses for single-mother / father-child families, etc.Child medical expenses subsidyWelfare consultation for children