N: Inage Health and Welfare Center

Inage Health and Welfare Center Children and Family Affairs Division

Outline of the office work under the jurisdiction

We provide various allowances and medical expenses subsidies for child-rearing support, procedures for using nursery centers and children’s rooms, support for single-parent families, measures for preventing child abuse, and support as needed after consultation with children and families. ..

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 The child-rearing support information site “Child-rearing Navi” introduces administrative services related to child-rearing in an easy-to-understand manner. Please use it for useful administrative services and information gathering for child-rearing. (Click the banner.)

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Office work and contact information

namecontact addressMain office work
Children’s Home DivisionInage Health and Welfare Center 1st floor
Phone: 043-284-6137
FAX: 043-284-6182
Children’s allowanceChild medical expenses subsidyNursery school (garden)Children’s roomChild-rearing allowanceSubsidies for medical expenses for single-parent families, etc.Consultation on the welfare of children, families and single-parent families