people aged 12 to 29

 Priority inoculation quota for people aged 12 to 29

Reservations are accepted by phone only .

As a general rule, the date and time of the second inoculation will be 3 weeks after the first inoculation.
Reservations for the second vaccination should be made at the same time as the first reservation.

Please be sure to have your voucher handy when making a reservation .

Book by phone
Chiba City Corona Vaccination Call Center
Phone number: 0120-57-8970
* Please be careful not to make a mistake!
Reception hours: (Monday to Friday) 8:30 to 21:00 (Saturday and Sunday) 8:30 to 18:00* If you are deaf or hard of language, you can make a reservation by fax.
FAX 043-245-5128 (FAX exclusive style [ PDF / Excel ])
Target person

Those who meet all of the following requirements are eligible.

  • Those who have not made the first reservation at a medical institution, etc.
  • Those who have a resident card in Chiba City (However, only third-year junior high school students are eligible if they attend a school in Chiba City)
  • Those aged 12 to 29 as of the date of inoculation

* If a third-year junior high school student who lives outside Chiba City and attends a school in Chiba City receives the vaccination, please bring the notification of vaccination outside the address .

Venue where you can make a reservation
venueChiba Central Community Center
The day when you can receive the inoculation (first time)October 21st (Thursday), 22nd (Friday), 25th (Monday), 26th (Tuesday), 27th (Wednesday), 28th (Thursday), 29th (Friday), November 1st (Monday) ), 2nd (Tuesday), 3rd (Wednesday), 4th (Thursday), 5th (Friday), 8th (Monday), 9th (Tuesday), 10th (Wednesday)
Opening timeFrom 18:00 to 21:00
Vaccine to use

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