Self Defense Force Jan 24

Large-scale inoculation venue (third inoculation) Related information

About the establishment of a large-scale inoculation venue for the purpose of the third inoculation by the Self-Defense Forces

 Regarding the establishment of a large-scale inoculation venue by the Self-Defense Forces, based on the remarks of the Prime Minister on Tuesday, January 11, Reiwa 4 and the instructions of the Minister of Defense, we proceeded with the examination under Deputy Minister Oniki, and in January 4th Reiwa. At the 2nd Large-scale Inoculation Promotion Headquarters Meeting held on Tuesday, 18th, the following matters were decided.
 Other reservation methods and venue information will be posted as soon as they are ready.

About installation location and operation period

(1) Tokyo venue
  Otemachi Joint Government Building No. 3 will be used for inoculation from January 31 (Monday) to July 31 (Sunday)
(2) Osaka venue ” Sakai
  ”, a private facility located in Chuo-ku, Osaka With ” Sukaisuji Building ” as the most promising candidate, we will accelerate preparations so that we can inoculate from February 7 (Monday) to July 31 (Sunday) .

About securing inoculation capacity

(1) Tokyo venue
  ・ Inoculation started with 720 inoculation capacity per day from January 31 (Monday)
  ・ February 6 (Sun), the venue will be closed and transition work etc. will be carried out
  ・ February 7 Expanded inoculation capacity to 2,160 times per day from Monday (Monday)
(2) Estimated based on the results of the initial survey at the Osaka venue
  , it is expected that 960 inoculation capacities per day can be secured.

About vaccine to use and target age

Made by Takeda / Moderna . Inoculation is possible for people over 18 years old based on relevant laws and regulations.

About inoculation target person

Those who will be vaccinated for the 3rd time (1st and 2nd vaccinations will not be carried out)
・ Having a 3rd vaccination ticket, the required vaccination interval has passed since the 2nd vaccination If you are over 18 years old, regardless of age or place of residence, we will not inoculate those who do not have an inoculation
reservation or who do not bring an inoculation ticket.

About reception of reservations

Reservations for vaccinations at the Tokyo venue will be accepted from January 28 (Friday) , and reservations for vaccinations at the
Osaka venue will be accepted from February 4 (Friday) . schedule. Details such as reservation start time and URL will be announced separately.