Subsidize influenza vaccination

Subsidize influenza vaccination costs

In preparation for the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we will subsidize part of the influenza vaccination costs for citizens under the age of 65 who are not eligible for regular vaccination in order to reduce the number of fever patients in winter and reduce the burden on medical institutions.

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Target person

Those who have a resident card in Chiba City as of the date of inoculation and are 6 months old or older and under 65 years old

* Persons eligible for regular vaccination (those aged 65 or over or 60 to 64 years old as of the date of vaccination who have a life equivalent to grade 1 in immune function due to heart, kidney, respiratory function, and human immunodeficiency virus) Please see the information on influenza vaccination for the elderly.

Grant target

The subsidy is for the cost of inoculating the influenza vaccine that was inoculated between October 1, 1945 and December 31, 3rd year of Reiwa.

In addition, inoculation at medical institutions outside the city is also eligible for subsidy.

Grant amount and self-pay

It is the amount obtained by subtracting 1,800 yen from the inoculation cost (up to 3,000 yen).

Out-of-pocket costs vary depending on the amount of vaccination costs set by each medical institution. If the inoculation cost is up to 4,800 yen, you will be responsible for 1,800 yen, but if you exceed it, you will be responsible for that amount as well.

Grant method

It is a redemption payment.

After paying the full amount of the vaccination fee at the medical institution, attach the necessary documents to the application form and apply for the subsidy by mail, and the subsidy amount will be refunded at a later date.

Procedure flow

1. Get vaccinated against influenza at a medical institution (Please contact the medical institution in advance as reception hours may be specified or reservations may be required.)

2. Pay the full vaccination fee at the medical institution and receive a receipt

3. Fill in the required items on the application form, attach the attached documents (original receipt, copy of the passbook of the desired transfer account, etc.) and apply by mail to the following address

4. After confirming the contents of the application documents, transfer the grant amount to the specified account (it takes 2 to 3 months from application to transfer)

Address of application documents

We accept only by mail.

〒260-8690 Chiba Central Post Office PO Box No. 49

To “Chiba City Influenza Vaccination Cost Subsidy Secretariat”

Application period

From November 1, 3rd year of Reiwa to February 28th, 4th year of Reiwa (* Must arrive)

Please be carefulApplications that have passed the application period cannot be accepted.

What you need to apply

1. Application form

Chiba City Influenza Voluntary Vaccination Cost Subsidy Reimbursement Invoice and Power of Attorney

PDF version (PDF: 605KB)(Open in a new window)

The application form can be downloaded and printed from the above, or available at the following city facilities after October 1st.Ward Office Regional Promotion Division, Community Center, Citizen Center, Liaison Office, Health and Welfare Center Health Division / Elderly Disability Support Division, Public Hall, Health Center Infectious Disease Control Division

2. Receipt (original)

You need to know the name of the person who received the vaccination and the cost of the vaccination (if you apply for the whole household, you need to know the cost of the vaccination for each person). Receipt copies and payment certificates are not accepted.

3. Documents that confirm the inoculation details

Documents that can confirm the type of vaccine, the name of the person who received the vaccination, the date of vaccination, and the name of the medical institution are required (certificate of vaccination, copy of vaccination slip, statement showing the details of vaccination, copy of maternal and child handbook, etc.).

In addition, it is not necessary if all the necessary items are described in “2. Receipt”)

4. Account confirmation documents

Please attach a copy of the financial institution name, account number, passbook or cash card that shows the account holder, and Internet banking screen.


Chiba City Vaccination Consultation Counter

043-307-6601 (From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm excluding weekends and holidays)

Questions and answers regarding the application procedure

Q1: Can the attached receipt be a copy?

A1: No. You will need the original receipt.

Q2: Is it possible to have the receipt returned?

A2: No. Application documents including receipts cannot be returned.

Q3: How long does it take to transfer money?

A3: It will take about 2 to 3 months depending on the application status. In addition, we will not notify you of the completion of the transfer, so please check by recording your passbook.

Q4: How much will the subsidy be if the child is vaccinated twice?

A4: We will subsidize the total amount of the two inoculation costs minus 1,800 yen (up to 3,000 yen).

Q5: Since I paid the vaccination fee at the time of booking, the receipt date is September. Can I receive the subsidy?

A5: Yes. If you inoculate within the grant period, you can receive the grant. Please be sure to attach a document that confirms the inoculation date at the time of application.

Q6: Is it eligible for subsidies even if I receive vaccinations at a medical institution outside the city?

A6: Yes. Please attach the necessary documents and apply.

Q7: Is there a system that exempts me from paying my own expenses (1,800 yen)?

A7: No.

Q8: I am vaccinated against influenza at my company. Can the company apply in bulk?

A8: You cannot apply at the company. The application is limited to the person or a person in the same household. Also, if the receipt is addressed to the company name, it will not be eligible for the subsidy.

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