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Updated: April 20, 2020

Reduction of city tax, extension of deadline for filing, payment, etc., postponement of tax payment

1 City tax exemption

If the taxpayer is found to be difficult to bear the full amount of the city tax due to special circumstances such as a disaster or receiving public assistance, the city tax will be reduced or exempted based on the application as stipulated by the city tax regulations. Can be received.
In addition, the deadline for submitting the exemption application is the deadline for payment of each tax item, so please consult with the section in charge of each tax item of the city tax office as soon as possible.

* Information on the
city tax exemption system Introducing the main targets of the city tax exemption.

2 Extension of deadline for filing and payment

If it is difficult to file a tax return or pay taxes by the deadline due to unavoidable reasons, such as when transportation is not available due to a disaster, the deadline may be extended by application. Please consult with the section .
If the deadline is extended, you will not be charged any additional charges or late payments if you file your tax return and pay taxes by the extended deadline.

3 Deferment of tax payment

If it is difficult to pay the city tax at one time due to a disaster or illness, there is a system to postpone the tax payment within one year in principle.
If the grace period is granted, the city tax can be paid in installments, and the delinquent charge during the grace period will be partially exempted, and the seizure and conversion (sale) of the property due to the delinquent disposition will be postponed, so payment is difficult. In that case, please contact us as soon as possible.

1. Postponement of collection

If it is found that the city tax cannot be paid at one time due to the following circumstances, the collection can be postponed based on the application from the taxpayer.
・ When a disaster or theft occurs
・ When the person or family is sick or injured ・ When
the business is closed ・ When the
business suffers a significant loss

2. Grace of redemption

If there is a risk that it will be difficult to continue business or maintain a living by paying the city tax at one time, and if it is recognized that you have a sincere intention to pay the city tax, the property will be disposed of due to delinquency based on the application from the taxpayer. You can defer the redemption of.
In addition to the application from the taxpayer, there is also a grace period for redemption by the mayor’s ex officio.

 Application form, etc. regarding tax deferment ( download )

Tax Reduction/exemption application

For details , please contact the window of each city tax office, Tax Payment Section 1 and Tax Payment Section 2 .

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