vaccine passport

 Issuance of vaccination certificate (vaccine passport)

What is a vaccination certificate (vaccine passport)?This is a document that officially proves the fact that you have been vaccinated against the new coronavirus.
For the time being, it will be issued to those who plan to travel overseas .
For details on the vaccine passport system, see the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website.(Link to external site)(Open in a new window)Please verify.

If you plan to travel abroad, you can apply for a vaccine passport by the following method. Currently, applications are accepted only by mail. We will issue a vaccine passport showing only the history of vaccination using the vaccination ticket issued by Chiba City (in the case of medical professionals, etc., with the resident card in Chiba City at the time of vaccination).
The countries and regions where mitigation of epidemic prevention measures is permitted are the overseas safety websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , starting from the place where the government authorities of the partner country can confirm.(Link to external site)(Open in a new window)It is supposed to be published in.

The proof of the fact of vaccination other than overseas travel is not the vaccination passport, but the vaccination certificate issued at the time of vaccination (the lower right part of the vaccination ticket mount. Please follow the instructions.)

  • Mail application

Grant application [ PDF · Excel Simply fill in the] necessary information to, upon the enclosed the following documents, please send Chiba corona vaccination call center addressed to ( at the window of the ward office, etc. does not offer application , but the application form For those who cannot print, it is placed in each ward area promotion section.)
If you cannot print the application form, you may submit a letter paper with the same contents.

  1. A copy of your passport
  2. Documents for checking vaccination history
    [General] A copy ofInoculation ticket
    the vaccination ticket issued by Chiba City ( including the vaccination certificate) [Medical workers, etc. (Do not use the vaccination ticket issued by Chiba City (Chiba City) Those who received the vaccination (using the vaccination ticket with vaccination ticket))] A copy of the vaccination record

  3. Please write the address of the reply envelope and attach a stamp.
    * One copy of the documents to be delivered weighs about 5g (84 yen for regular mail (standard size) within 25g). There is no specified delivery method.
    * If the reply address is different from the address on the residence certificate, we will check it separately.
  4. Confirmation documents for maiden name, surname, and alias (only if the passport contains the maiden name, surname, and alias)
    My number card with maiden name, driver’s license, family register, copy of resident’s card, etc.
  5. A copy of the document that has both the name written on the driver’s license and the name written on the passport (only if the common name etc. is used and the name written on the driver’s license and the passport are different)
    My Number card, driver’s license, copy of resident’s card, residence card, etc.
  6. A copy of the power of attorney and the identity verification documents of the agent (only when someone other than the person applies on behalf of the person)

( Address )
1-1, Chibaminato, Chuo-ku, Chiba 260-8722 Chiba City
Corona Vaccine Call Center Vaccine Passport Issuance
* Please write the sender’s address and name on the back.
* There are many cases where the stamp fee is insufficient and the application form does not arrive. Please be careful.

If all the required documents are confirmed, it will be issued about one week after the application, but it may take about 10 days until the application is issued depending on the congestion situation of the application . If your travel date is approaching, please apply as soon as possible.
In addition, if the required documents are missing or incomplete, it will take a period of further confirmation, such as sending additional documents. In particular, if you do not have a document that confirms your inoculation history, it may take up to 3 months or more to confirm your inoculation history .

There is no fee for delivery ( free of charge ), but the applicant will be responsible for the shipping fee for the required documents, the stamp fee to be attached to the reply envelope, and the fee for issuing the identity verification documents.