Where you can get the vaccination

 Where you can get the vaccination, how to make a reservation

As a general rule, you will be vaccinated at a medical institution in the municipality (address) where you have your resident card.
In Chiba City, with the cooperation of the City Medical Association, we will mainly carry out individual inoculations at familiar medical institutions such as family doctors , and complementarily carry out group inoculations at public facilities in the city .

At the vaccination site in Chiba City, all vaccination targets are currently eligible for reservation.
The reservation method differs depending on the venue, so please check the information page for individual inoculation venues and group inoculation venues .

There are also inoculation venues set up by the national and prefectural governments, so please check them as well.


At the time of inoculation, ” your own new coronavirus vaccination ticket (coupon ticket) “, ” preliminary examination slip “, ” identity verification documents (name of driver’s license, insured person’s card, etc. ) ” will be mailed from Chiba City. Please be sure to bring “what you can check)”.
* If you have one , please be sure to bring your ” Certificate of Notification of Inoculation Out of Address “.Also, since the inoculation is given to the upper arm, please come in clothes that make it easy for you to stick out your shoulders .

 We help you make online reservations at our mobile phone shop!

The following mobile phone shops provide support for inputting online reservations for the new corona vaccination . The actual input and reservation application must be made by the person himself / herself.

Please make a reservation in advance by internet or phone at the mobile phone shop of your choice after confirming that it is time for you to make a reservation . In addition, please bring your vaccination ticket on the day of the event .

* Smartphones are not rented.
* If the desired online reservation site is crowded or the mobile phone shop is crowded, we may not be able to help you.

 Inoculation other than the municipality (address) where the resident card is available

If there are unavoidable circumstances, you can get the vaccination at a place other than your address by notifying the municipality where the medical institution to receive the vaccination is located in advance .

In addition, more of the following you do not need to get notification.

  • Those who are hospitalized or are in a medical institution or facility
  • Those who receive inoculation according to the use of day service
  • Those who receive vaccination at a medical institution being treated for an underlying disease
  • Those who need assistance in communication (those who are not able to speak Japanese, those with disabilities, etc.) and who receive vaccination at their medical institution
  • Those who need to be vaccinated at a well-established medical institution because of high risk of side reactions
  • Those who receive vaccination at home by visiting a medical institution outside the address
  • Those who receive inoculation at the inoculation venue set up by the national or prefectural government
  • Those who receive occupational vaccination
  • Those who have been damaged by a disaster
  • Detained or detained, inmates
  • Those who have difficulty in notifying the municipality where the medical institution to receive the vaccination is located

* Please be careful not to lose the vaccination ticket sent to your address.

Notification procedure

The following people need to submit a notification. Please submit the ” Notice of Inoculation Outside the Address ” to Chiba City before making a reservation .

  • Those who are returning home for childbirth
  • Those who are assigned to work alone
  • Those who are boarding in Chiba City and attending universities, etc.
  • Those who have been victims of domestic violence, stalking, child abuse, etc. (Please consult the call center before reporting)
  • Those who live in Chiba City due to other unavoidable circumstances

* If you have any unavoidable circumstances other than the above reasons , please contact the Chiba City Corona Vaccination Call Center ( 0120-57-8970 ).

You can make a notification by the following method.

  • Notification by mail

Domicile outside the vaccination Notification [ PDF · word Simply fill in the] necessary information to, upon enclose a copy of the vaccination certificate, please send Chiba corona vaccination call center addressed.
Based on the notification, we will issue a ” Certificate of Notification of Inoculation Outside the Address ” and mail it, so it will take about a week from the notification to the delivery.
If you cannot print the out-of-address vaccination report, you may fill in the same contents as the report on a stationery.

〒260-8722 1-1 Chiba Port, Chuo-ku,
Chiba City Chiba City Corona Vaccination Call Center

  • WEB notification

Inoculation general information site “Corona Vaccine Navi”(Link to external site)(Open in a new window)Please file an out-of-address vaccination report from.
As soon as you make a notification, the ” Certificate of Notification of Inoculation Out of Address ” will be displayed. Please save it on the screen or print it out.

” Domicile outside the vaccination notification already Certificate “, please bring the vaccination day.

It should be noted that the mass vaccination venue if you wish to inoculation with, who the notification is required after conducting the report, Chiba corona vaccination call center ( 0120-57-8970 please contact).