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Start taking Linkal every day for 2 months, then start breeding. Continue until pregnancy is confirmed. Take 4 tablets of LINCAL daily (2 in the morning and 2 in the evening). There is no problem in using it with cold medicine or blood pressure medicine.
To date, there have been no reported cases of side effects or effects on the fetus that are thought to be due to Linkal.
You can start taking it at any time, but please avoid it while breastfeeding.

Linkal must be taken continuously for at least 2 months. Please purchase from the internet and enjoy. Ovulation day testing is possible to some extent with commercially available test drugs, so basically there is no need to visit a hospital .

Tips for having a boy

  1. Continue taking Linkal until pregnancy is confirmed.
  2. Have intercourse on the day of ovulation.
    On that day, the cervical mucus is the most alkaline, making it a very good environment for Y sperm.
    If you have intercourse on other days, be sure to use contraception.
  3. Determine your ovulation date as accurately as possible. (see below)
  1. Use green jelly .

    Recommended for those who want a boy.
    A jelly that more reliably keeps the vaginal environment alkaline.

It is important to know the exact date of ovulation for birth control.

  1. Accurately measure your basal body temperature.
  2. If your period is normal, use a urine ovulation test kit to test at home, and have sex the day after it becomes positive (the day of ovulation). If it gets thicker in the morning, it’s better to have sex that night, and if it gets thicker in the evening, it’s better to have sex the next day. Please be careful not to test with early morning urine.
  3. It is very difficult to determine the ovulation date for those with severe menstrual irregularities, and it is not possible to reliably find the ovulation date without an ultrasound examination. Get an ovulation test at your local hospital. It is possible to check the ovulation date at clinics other than the ” Birthing hospital list “, but it is not possible to consult about birth control.
  4. Using green jelly will increase the success rate by a few percent, but the effect is not certain. If you are interested, please purchase at the online shop . There is no negative side to using jelly, and safety has been confirmed, so there is no effect on the fetus.

success rate

It is difficult to grasp the success rate of all births.
This is because there are many people who do it on their own and there is no obligation to report. There are also limits to the accuracy of ovulation that you can find yourself.
In past studies, approximately 73% of male babies were born using these methods.

In addition, since 2010, Sugiyama Obstetrics and Gynecology has not conducted a separate ovulation day examination itself.

Past experience has proven that our birth control is safe.
Also, please be assured that there is no such thing as easy miscarriage or difficulty getting pregnant.

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