List of medical institutions, aged 5 to 11

List of medical institutions in the city where people aged 5 to 11 can receive the first (first and second) vaccinations

We have compiled a list of medical institutions in the city where people aged 5 to 12 can receive the first (first and second) vaccinations. Reservation acceptance targets (“ family frame ” and “ general frame ”) differ depending
on the medical institution . Reservations for the ” general slot ” for April will start at 8:30 on Tuesday, March 22nd .

Chiba city as a wholePDF version (PDF: 804KB)(Open in a new window)

Reservation method

Those who reserve a ” family slot ” where each medical institution manages reservations directly

Depending on the medical institution, the range of people who can make a reservation, the start time of the reservation, the reservation method, etc. will differ.
For details, see “Corona Vaccine Navi”(Link to external site)(Open in a new window)Please check at or contact the Chiba City Corona Vaccination Call Center ( 0120-57-8970 ).

How to change or cancel your reservation

Please change or cancel your reservation at the medical institution where you made the reservation.

Those who reserve a ” general frame ” that anyone can receive inoculation

We accept reservations online and by phone .
*Please refrain from making inquiries to medical institutions, as youcannot make reservations forgeneral slots

Please be sure to have your vaccination ticket handy when making a reservation .

Book onlineBook by phone
(Link to external site)(Open in a new window)
* Supported browsers are only the latest versions of Edge, Google Chrome, and Safari.Operation manual (PDF: 1,051KB)After logging in, please be sure to read the notice at the top of My Page.In addition, please cooperate in registering your e-mail address as it will be a means to inform you of important information from Chiba City such as reservation completion e-mail and remind e-mail the day before .
* Reservation completion emails and reminders the day before are for those who have registered their email addresses. If you would like to receive e-mail, please set the e-mail reception setting of My Page to “Receive”.
* The remind email address is ” “.
Chiba City Corona Vaccination Call Center
Phone number: 0120-57-8970
* Please be careful not to make a mistake!
Reception hours: (Monday to Friday) 8:30 to 21:00 (Saturday and Sunday) 8:30 to 18:00* People with hearing or speech disabilities can make a reservation by fax.
FAX 043-245-5128 (FAX exclusive style [ PDF / Excel ])
How to change or cancel your reservation

In the case of WEB , Chiba City vaccination reservation site until the day of(Link to external site)(Open in a new window)You can change or cancel your reservation by yourself from My Page. If you call, please contact the
Chiba City Corona Vaccination Call Center ( 0120-57-8970 ) (If you did not change or cancel the vaccination by the day of the reservation, you can make another reservation by phone. Contact is required.).

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