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Health / medicalNotice about booster vaccination (third vaccination)

 We will send you information on the new corona vaccination, such as the target of “additional vaccination (third vaccination)” and how to receive the vaccination.

  • Please see here for information provision materials and vaccination instructions .
  • Click here for information on side reactions .

About additional inoculation (third inoculation)

When to receive the inoculation 

The inoculation period is scheduled from December 1, 3rd year of Reiwa to September 30th, 4th year of Reiwa.

Target of inoculation

The target of the booster vaccination (third vaccination) of the new corona vaccine is all those who meet all of the following. ▷ Those who have passed 8 months or more in principle from the day when the second vaccination was completed▷ 18 years old and over▷ Those who have completed the first inoculation (first and second inoculation) or the inoculation equivalent to the first inoculation (* 1) in Japan (* 1) The following people will be the ones who received the inoculation equivalent to the first inoculation. However, this is limited to cases where you are vaccinated with any of the Pfizer vaccine , Takeda / Moderna vaccine , or AstraZeneca vaccine , which is approved by the Japanese regulatory affairs .

  1. (Ah)Those who have been vaccinated twice overseas
  2. (I)Those who have been vaccinated twice in the new corona vaccination business for Japanese residents overseas
  3. (Hare)Those who have been vaccinated twice by U.S. Forces Japan employees
  4. (Workman)Those who have been vaccinated twice in clinical trials of pharmaceutical manufacturers

Those who especially recommend inoculation

  • “People with a high risk of aggravation” such as the elderly and those with underlying diseases
  •  People who have a lot of contact with people with a high risk of aggravation” such as those involved and caregivers (caregivers, etc.) who have a high risk of aggravation
  •  People with a high risk of virus exposure due to occupational reasons” such as medical professionals

Vaccine and target age

Use the messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine regardless of the type of vaccine given the first or second dose. ▷ Pfizer vaccine : Used for booster vaccination (third vaccination). For those over 18 years old.
* The Takeda / Moderna vaccine is under review for regulatory approval for booster vaccination (third vaccination).

 Vaccination is also beneficial for those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have been infected with the new coronavirus, so please consider vaccination. For more Q & A please visit.

Places where you can receive vaccinations

As a general rule, you will be vaccinated at the medical institution or vaccination site of the municipality (address) where your resident card is located. To find a medical institution or vaccination site where you can receive the vaccine on the Internet, please see the comprehensive vaccination information site “Corona Vaccine Navi” . In addition, please check the public relations from the municipalities.
 If you cannot get the vaccination at your address due to unavoidable circumstances, you may be able to receive the vaccine at a place other than your address. For the specific procedure, see ” Corona Vaccine Navi: Notification of Inoculation Out of Address “.

[Examples of people who can be vaccinated outside of their address]

  1. (1)Those who are vaccinated at a medical institution or facility that is in the hospital
  2. (2)Those who are users of long-term care service establishments, etc., and who receive vaccinations at those establishments, etc.
  3. (3)Those who receive vaccination at a medical institution being treated for an underlying disease
  4. (Four)Those who need vaccination at a well-established medical institution at the discretion of the doctor because of the high risk of side reactions.
  5. (Five)Those who receive vaccination at home due to a home visit from a medical institution outside the municipality
  6. (6)Those who have been damaged by a disaster
  7. (7)Those who receive inoculation at large-scale inoculation venues set up by prefectures, etc. (limited to those who live in the target area of ​​each venue)
  8. (8)Those who receive vaccination by occupational vaccination
  9. (9)Those who live in a different place from their address

* For those (1) to (8), the procedure for inoculation outside the address is not required. 

Procedures for receiving vaccination

You will be inoculated by the following methods.

  1. (1)You will receive an “inoculation ticket” for additional inoculation and “notice of new corona vaccine addition (third) inoculation” from the municipality.
    (* 1) (* 2)
  2. (2)Find a medical institution or vaccination site where you can get the vaccine. ( Refer to the place where you can receive inoculation ) (* 3)
  3. (3)Please make a reservation by phone or internet.
  4. (Four)When you receive the vaccine, please be sure to bring the “envelope contents” (* 4) and “identification documents (My Number card, driver’s license, health insurance card, etc.)” sent by the municipality.
  5. (Five)On the day of the event, please wear clothes that allow you to get your shoulders out quickly.

 (* 1) The schedule for sending additional vaccination tickets and the start time for accepting reservations may differ depending on the municipality.(* 2) If you have not received the vaccination ticket within 8 months from the date of completing the second vaccination, please contact the municipality where you currently live individually. Or, please apply for the issuance of the vaccination ticket in ” Corona Vaccine Navi: Application for issuance of vaccination ticket for booster vaccination (third vaccination) “. In addition, some cities, towns and villages do not accept applications for Corona Vaccine Navi.
[Example] ・ Those who have moved after the first vaccination (first and second vaccinations)
   ・ Those who have been vaccinated twice in the new corona vaccination business for Japanese residents overseas
   ・ Those who have been vaccinated twice by vaccination of U.S. military employees in Japan
   ・ Those who have been vaccinated twice in clinical trials by pharmaceutical manufacturers ・ Those
   who have received the first vaccination (first and second vaccination) overseas(* 3) Medical professionals may be vaccinated at the medical institution where they work. Please check with your office for details.(* 4) The envelope contains a “preliminary examination slip with an inoculation ticket printed on it” and a “vaccination certificate” form. Don’t forget to bring both. In some cases, the “vaccination ticket” and “vaccination certificate” are combined into one.
[Image of the contents of the envelope]

Cost of receiving an inoculation

Since the vaccination is done at full public expense, it can be vaccinated free of charge.

Consent when receiving vaccination

We encourage the public to receive the new corona vaccine, but it is not compulsory. Inoculation will be given only with the consent of the person receiving the inoculation after providing proper information.
 Those who receive vaccinations are asked to take the vaccination on their own initiative after understanding both the effects of vaccination on preventing infectious diseases and the risk of adverse reactions. Inoculation will not be given without the consent of the recipient.
 Please do not force the vaccination to the workplace or those around you, and do not discriminate against those who have not been vaccinated.

  1. Click here for consultation on bullying and harassment in the workplace
  2. Click here for the contact point for human rights consultation
  3. Click here for Q & A (for the general public) regarding cases of prejudice and discrimination against unvaccinated people
  4. Click here for Q & A (for companies) regarding recruitment, placement, dismissal, etc. of workers
  5. Click here for cooperation requests to economic organizations, etc.

Vaccination health damage relief system when a side reaction occurs after receiving vaccination

In general, vaccination can cause health hazards (illness or residual disability) due to side reactions. Although extremely rare, there is a relief system in place because it cannot be eliminated.
 Under the relief system, if vaccination causes health damage and requires medical treatment at a medical institution or if a disability remains, you can receive relief (medical expenses, disability pension, etc.) based on the Vaccination Law. increase.

 With regard to the vaccination of the new corona vaccine, if there is a health hazard, you can receive relief based on the Vaccination Law. Please refer to here for
 the contents of the current relief system .

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Handling of expiration date

Handling of Pfizer vaccine expiration dates

The new corona vaccine is a valuable vaccine, and from the viewpoint of not wasting it and making effective use of it, the expiration date is handled as follows.
● For Pfizer vaccine
 Pfizer vaccine, Ryowa three years (2021) on September 10, “the effective period is from the” six months “when stored at -60 ~ ℃ -90 ℃ 9 months .” Was extended to.
 On the other hand, vaccines whose expiration date is before February 28, 2022 are printed on the assumption that the expiration date is 6 months.
 Such vaccines can be treated as vaccines with an effective period of up to 9 months.
 For the specific expiration date, see  Expiration date of Pfizer vaccine by lot number” .

■ Detailed materials “Handling of expiration dates for Pfizer vaccines and Takeda / Moderna vaccines” (Reiwa 3 November 16, administrative contact)Open in a new window Attachment 1 (Expiration date of Pfizer vaccine by lot No.)Open in a new window
(As of November 16, 3rd year of Reiwa)

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