N: Hanamigawa Health and Welfare Center

Hanamigawa Health and Welfare Center Children and Family Affairs Division

Outline of the office work under the jurisdiction

The Children and Family Affairs Division provides various allowances for child-rearing support, medical expenses subsidies, procedures for using nursery schools and children’s rooms, support for single-parent families, and consultation on children and families.


Download various application forms, etc.

Electronic application

Location map of nursery centers, etc. in Hanamigawa Ward

 It is created based on the information as of October 15, 3rd year of Reiwa. (Information on some adjacent wards is also posted.)

Consultation on children and homes

Counselor (consultation content)phoneConsultation time (excluding holidays and year-end and New Year holidays)
Child-rearing support concierge
(about the use of childcare / child-rearing support services)
9: 00-15: 30
(Thursday until 14:30)
Female counselor
(about various worries and problems that women have)
9 am-16:30am
Home counselor (home child counseling room)
(About various problems of children and home)
043-275-6445Monday / Wednesday-Friday
9: 00-16: 00
Mother-child / father-child independence supporter, employment counselor
(for single parents and widows, employment and independence support, children and families, lending of welfare funds, etc.)
043-275-6445Monday-Wednesday / Friday
9: 30-16: 30

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